small méasures is a new project by Métron Records that aims to release fantastic music whilst promoting and raising funds for incredible causes and organisations that we, and our artists, care about.

Salamanda - Sphere

Salamanda is the collaborative alias of South Korean producer/DJ duo, and close friends, Uman Therma (Sala) and Yetsuby (Manda). Together they create avant-garde electronic music inspired by minimalist concepts, harmonious rhythms and the work of American composer Steve Reich.

Across the eight tracks of Sphere, their debut for Small Méasures, the pair conjure spherical worlds inspired by bubbles, refracting light and planet earth. Soundscapes laden with percussive elements ebb and flow as arpeggiated stanzas cede to misty synths and shimmering plates, conjuring images of solitary temples sat in vast open plateaus.

“For Sphere, we came up with an abstract concept and image to explore more diversity and encourage imagination. Each track is related to different kinds of sphere we found or imagined. From the big round planet embracing every creature to dancing little bubbles underwater, fragments of ideas floating around, exploding tomatoes, and movement of lights flashing and tickling the eyes…

Or the tracks can be about completely different types of spheres in other people's perspective. We hope Sphere can unleash the imagination and take you on a delightful journey of music.’’

Sphere will be released on tape, CD and digital from September 29. 100% of profits from physical sales will be donated to the Korean Women’s Hotline, a program that helps support Korean women in crisis.

Early Fern - Music for Baths [Vol.I]

Music for Baths Vol. I is the debut album from former Georgia resident Early Fern, and the inaugural release from new Métron Records project/sub-label small méasures - which aims to donate funds to organisations and causes of the artists choosing.

Having recently quit their full time job and begun seasonal work on organic farms, Early Fern began a process of reconnection in their own life. Taking the plunge to move away from the stresses of 9 to 5, along with the depression and anxiety engendered by participation in that lifestyle, they began to find a new grounding in remote farm-stays in Florida, Texas, and New Mexico. It was during this process that Early began recording music that mirrors their attempts to become more calm, more present, and more connected to their natural surroundings. It was in these sessions that Music for Baths was recorded.

Baths are a place where people have historically visited to find restoration, both mentally and physically, whilst soaking in the tranquility of water. It thus seemed appropriate that this record be an homage to those moments of calm, and to the process of healing. Indeed we can confirm that these tracks are a fantastic accompaniment to a soothing bath.

Early wanted to use the profits from this release to support an organisation close to their heart. Seeding Sovereignty is an indigenous womxn led collective which seeks to dismantle colonial structures and policies in politics, agriculture, and justice. These songs were recorded on colonised land, and by donating to them Early seeks to undo some of the harm of colonial structures and, in a small way, offset some of the privilege from which they benefit in a colonised nation.


Métron Records 2018. Berlin, DE.