Florian T M Zeisig - Music For Parents

On a rare trip back to his rural Bavarian hometown, producer and sound-artist Florian T M Zeisig was intrigued by a new addition to his parent's house, a vibroacoustic mattress purchased in the hopes of aiding their chronic sleep issues. Driven by a desire to reconnect in adulthood and help them finally find some rest, Zeisig spent the next two years researching vibroacoustic sound therapy, resulting in his third full-length LP 'Music for Parents'.

Building conceptual frameworks around intimate and personal encounters has always been the bedrock of Zeisig's work. His 2020 LP 'Coatcheck' explored emotional, physical and functional experiences of working in nightlife from the perspective of a garderobe attendant, a position he's held at various venues in Berlin over several years. With 'Music for Parents' he turns his attention to themes of sleep and healing, using elements of low-frequency sound therapy to create soothing soundscapes imbued with childhood memories and aspirations for creating better, more accepting familial relationships today. While rooted in the personal, the album was made with all those struggling with anxiety, stress and insomnia in mind.

Practically speaking, 'Music for Parents' can be paired with a vibroacoustic mattress or wearable bass device to enhance a listener's experience of the low frequencies. Zeisig will be teaming up with SubPac for a live rendition when gatherings can safely return, and frequently made use of their 'Wearable sub' while composing the record.

'Music for Parents' features cover artwork by his father and will come out on February 2nd, in celebration of the artist's mother's birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday Mom.

Recorded in Berlin, 2019-2020. Performed with Korg Wavestation, Korg EC150, Singing Bowl and SUBPAC S2

Written and recorded by Florian T M Zeisig. Mastered by Kabamix.
Artwork by Klaus Zeisig. Design by Jack Hardwicke & Florian T M Zeisig.

Special thanks to: Mom and Dad.
Jessica Goodchild, Maya Roisin-Slater, Dèsirèe Allen and George Clift.

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