Métron Records is an independent record label showcasing beautiful music from around the globe.

Our roster includes the wonderful talents of: 

7FO [Japan] 
Meitei & Tenka 
Georgia [US]
OCA [Germany]
Yumiko Morioka [Japan]
Synergetic Voice Orchestra [Japan]
Katya Yonder [Russia]
Li Yilei [China/UK]
Early Fern [US]
Salamanda [South Korea]
Florian T M Zeisig [Germany]
Grant Chapman [US]
Candyfloss Mountain [UK]
Tetsu Umehara [Japan]

Métron Records would not be possible without the huge support, expertise and friendship of George Clift (Hot Salvation Distribution) and Jessica Goodchild (Goodchild PR)

Special thanks to Séance Centre and to Brandon Hocura for his guidance and helping get the label off the ground. Plus a huge thank you to all of the artists who have contributed music, time and conversation to this project over the years.

The Métron logo was designed in collaboration with the incredible Darren Oorloff.

The name Métron was inspired by the ancient Greek word μέτρου - a word associated with the concept of measurement - specifically as a way to measure distance in music, poetry, design and geometry. 

Please submit demos, label enquiries and love letters to jack@metronrecords.com
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Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.