034 - Beatconductor

If you’re looking to find great disco edits, it seems like Sweden is the place to start - only a couple of months removed from MMM:027 by the brilliant DiscoTech, this week we have another Swedish disco connoisseur at the helm. Ture Sjoberg, an archivist by day, is an avid record collector, the man spends as much time digging through historical archives and as he does searching for great records. In the late 90’s he began making edits as ‘Beatfanatic’ and gained attention for his terrific remix of Jose González. In recent years he goes under the ‘Beatconductor’ moniker and releases edits on his own ‘Spicy’ imprint through junodownload where you can find over fifty of his releases. I actually discovered his work when I heard his podcast for the excellent Dream Chimney, and immediately approached him about producing something for us.

For his Métron Musik Mixtape Ture has compiled a collection of his own productions and edits to form an hour of delightfully uplifting dancefloor disco. It’s no surprise that the enigmatic Swede loves everything from Curtis Mayfield to cosmic Italodisco as those influences are present throughout a soulful, funk enthused analysis of Sjobergs near 20 year musical career.

Be sure to check out his discogs and soundcloud pages to hear more from the Stockholm based producer.

Original artwork for the mix created by Jack Hardwicke.

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.