031 - Bullion

Every now and then you hear a record and fall in love straight away. That’s certainly what happened to me when I first heard the debut LP from this week’s mixtape curator, Bullion. 'Loop the Loop’, which came out to critical acclaim in February this year via Bullion's own DEEK recordings imprint, is teeming with playful melodies across a dozen eclectic and quirky ‘pop’ songs. It’s a record that is as much a pastiche to the sounds of the 70s and 80s, brimming with nostalgia, as it is a fresh modern record full of inventive arrangements and infectious vocal work. Against the backdrop of this week’s brilliant Métron Musik Mixtape, the origins of Loop the Loop come into view.

The London based producer, real name Nathan Jenkins, guides us through 44 minutes of deliciously eclectic grooves, featuring Italo-disco, 80s Synth pop, British New Wave, Japanese Funk, Hindu mantras and even some beautiful Syrian Yarghoul. Patch-worked together with the meticulous craft evident across his own productions, it’s a truly delightful listening experience. Frisky and mischievous enough to get you up dancing but equally absorbing as an exotic sonic adventure blasted out in your headphones. Nathan is clearly a producer influenced by a wide range of musical cultures, but somebody who has a definite understanding and affinity towards many of the sounds and production styles of a bygone era.

I can’t recommend ‘Loop the Loop’ enough, go check it out as soon as you’ve finished listening to this mix. Also worth checking out the fine covers compilation DEEK put out last month featuring tracks from Jesse Hackett and Laura Groves, both of whom feature on Bullion's LP, by heading over to their Bandcamp page. As always you can always check out more of what Nathan’s up to on Facebook and Soundcloud. Enjoy.

Original artwork for the mix created by Jack Hardwicke.

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.