027 - Disco Tech

Born and raised in a small town in Sweden, Niklas Mellilä aka Disco Tech moved to Stockholm aged 12 and has been collecting records for nearly two decades since. As a DJ he has been lighting up dance-floors in Scandinavia and beyond all the way back to his days as a Scratch Battle DJ at the 2008 DMC World Championships. His focus has turned to laying down original funk and disco, chopping and editing classic and rare tunes, as well as building his increasingly diverse and wonderful record collection. He's gained a reputation as a fine selector and talented DJ. When I spoke with Niklas he was keen to produce a mixtape for us with a strong focus on tracks with a strong funk and disco influence, sourcing the selections from all corners of the world - and he’s done exactly that.

From start to finish Métron Musik Mixtape - 027 turns the groove level up to eleven, with infusions of Afro-beat, European pop, Caribbean dub, Psychedelic rock, and Latin rythmns it’s a delightfully exotic feast of classic and rare funk & disco from around the globe.

Having started his own well respected label, DiscoDat Records, back in 2012 Niklas will be releasing his 4th Edits LP in the coming months. Be sure to follow his work on facebook and check out his edits and mixes on Soundcloud.

I spoke with Niklas about DiscoDat and how he came to collect records....

JH: Can you tell us a bit about your label DiscoDat?

NM: Its a Swedish label based in Stockholm and devoted to Soul/Funk/Disco re-edits. We do both vinyl & digital releases.

JH: Can you remember the first record you purchased - what lead you to become a record collector?

NM: I lived in a small island next to Sweden. I think i was 8 when i bought my first record and it was Rocky IV (Motion Picture Soundtrack). I liked the music from the movie. When i was 12 we moved to Stockholm and i discovered the Hiphop scene and it went on from there collecting vinyl.

JH: Your mixtape for us focuses on disco and funk inspired music - what was the thought process behind the track selections you made?

NM: I wanted to do a mix based on music from all over the world, and keep that funk disco rhythm going. Basically a world mix so to say.

JH: What are you up to in 2016?

NM: Going to keep on working as a DJ and also with my label. New vinyl release witch is coming is "Various ‎– Disco Tech Edits Vol. 4". Also a side project from me with Brazilian edits, that I'm working on right now..

JH: Can you recommend a few records we may have overlooked?

NM: Well lets see.. Ahmed Fakroun ‎– Mots D'Amour was recently repressed and Pasteur Lappé ‎– African Funk Experimentals 1979 - 1981 which also came out this year

JH: Thanks so much for your contribution Niklas.

Original artwork for the mix created by Jack Hardwicke.

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.