025 - Mike Burns

Mike Burns has been collecting records and DJing for approximately 18 years to date, in that time he has amassed a sizeable and diverse collection. In his home town of Vienna he runs a small monthly night appropriately titled Disco Fetish as well as the occasional Afro themed excursion at Club Majik. I stumbled across a mix of his a few months back and having put it on whilst having a cold beer in the sunshine I fell in love with pretty much every track - the unrelenting upbeat African & Caribbean cuts transporting me to a beautiful exotic beach. I asked Mike if he could prepare something for us at Métron and hope that you all get to sit in the sun to enjoy his musical offerings as much as I did.

Focusing on older releases and his own edits, Mike’s Métron Musik Mixtape showcases his love of all things disco, funk and afro-fusion. It’s a buoyant mixtape filled with amazing instrumental performances, beautiful guitar work, outstanding brass sections and plenty of irresistible afro-percussion. It’s just jam packed with great tracks, including a recent shared edits 12’’ with Albion on Zagreb Based label Legalise Lambada, as well as a couple more upcoming edits records on Kojak Giant Sounds, Rotating Souls and Villalegre Records - three labels well worth exploring. Get out in the sunshine and enjoy this bombastic exploration of what makes African music so wonderfully warm and gratifying.

'Disco Fetish' resumes on Saturday 28th May at Schikaneder, get down to party if you're in town. Be sure to check out more of Mike’s fine releases by visiting his discogs page and checking out more of his work on Soundcloud. For your first port of call may I suggest the sensational Afro-funk classic ‘’Kamassa Trip’’ released on Kojak Sounds.

Original artwork for the mix created by Jack Hardwicke.

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.