014 - Patmann

Bruce Wayne lives a double life, a philanthropist by day, a vigilante hero by night. I mention Bruce with our next contributor in mind. Patmann is the alias of Patrick Donnelly, a London based DJ who spends his days helping his local community by tackling air-pollution in Hackney, London. But come nighttime you’ll find Patmann on dance floors, listening to and playing music that he loves. That makes him a something of a hero in my eyes at least.

Patrick also happens to be one of my closest friends and favourite people, so it is with a great deal of joy that I can share his Métron Musik Mixtape. Patrick and I have spent many memorable nights together on dance floors in the UK and many years ago we bonded over our shared passion for certain styles of dance music, but moreover, a certain appreciation for building sets and certain mixing styles. We’ve spent many evenings, afternoons and early mornings playing music back-to-back, but ultimately Patmann is a far more accomplished technician and natural curator than I. Those skills are on display in his Métron Musik Mixtape, a veritable feast of house music, featuring the kind of tracks equally at home in the club as when listened to on headphones.

Checkout more of Patmann's mixes on his Soundcloud page, including his brand new resident mix for one of our favourite projects Sleep/Walk/Listen.

Caribou - Dundas, Ontario
Royer - Marien
Jesper Dahlbäck - What Is The Time, Mr. Templar?
Man Power - Le Clerc (The Backwoods Remix
Skatebård - Palais D’Amour
Jex - Studio E
Felkon - Sunset Stories (Skanky Mix)
Trikk - Firma
Simon Garcia - Ataraxia
AboutFace - The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding
Clavis - Mirzoza’s Dream
Ian Pooley - Compurhythm (Dixon 4/4 Treatment)
Roman Flügel - Wilkie

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.