004 - DJ Ground

I don’t remember how or why I stumbled upon the music of Japanese producer and record spinner, DJ Gr◯un土, but upon first listen I felt transported to some bizarre new reality I’d never previously lived out. I wasn’t really sure what I was listening to. After an epic journey through a plethora of styles, sounds and sensations, I felt as though I’d been on some surreal voyage. Needless to say I wanted to share this with you.

DJ Gr◯un土 started as a DJ in his late teens and has since played shows all across Japan, playing regularly in Osaka where he currently resides. It is here, on the outskirts of the City, in the local mountain range, that he presides over 'Chill Mountain,' a music festival that has been running for over a decade. His musical influences are vast, everything from traditional folkloric elements to disco. It is fitting that his festival should be held in the mountains as his productions and DJ sets often take on a primal feeling, expanding and evolving into the heavens & beyond.

His Métron Musik Mixtape is no different, a musical adventure spanning 105 minutes and a ton of different styles. Give it a spin and then be sure to check out his most recent release ‘Vodunizm’ here:

I spoke with DJ Gr◯un土, who doesn’t list English as one of his biggest strengths, about his mix and mis musical history. Short but sweet.

JH: Hey DJ Gr◯un土, your music, both in terms of your mixtapes and your own productions, seems rooted in raw primal elements, is that where the name comes from?

DJG: DJ Ground is a name that comes from my Japanese name. The large circle in the middle represents Earth.

JH: Can you tell us a little bit about Chill Mountain festival and your involvement in the underground music culture of Osaka?

DJG: Osaka Mountain sits next to the city, we bring in artists performing in many different genres. Lots of young people come together and it brings together a diverse group of artists & fans.

JH: How has Japanese culture influence your musical style?

DJG: I am influenced by film music, the sound of insects and crows around the house. Local traditional music and video game music. I think all of these have inspired be as well as the landscape around me.

JH: You are clearly somebody who appreciates a massive variety of musical stylings, how do you approach finding music?

DJG: There is so much music and so many places to find it...........the first electronic music influence for me is maybe 'Mother 2' the video game soundtrack.

The original artwork below was created exclusively for the mixtape by Jack Hardwicke.

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.