002 - Barda

Barda is the musical project of Cecilia Gebhard, a guitarist, composer & music teacher hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fusing Latin American folkloric elements, sampling, synths, beat-making and acoustic instrumentation, Gebhard creates unique and rich sonic textures that bridge the gap between organic and digital noise.

It is with a huge amount of pleasure that we present her brilliantly curated Métron mixtape - 65 minutes of digital Cumbia, Folklore, Tribal & Indigenous electronic music, including a number of her own wonderful productions and remixes. Be sure to check out the excellent new collaborative EP with SidiRum ‘’Todos Nostoros’’ released by Frente Bolivarista, which you can (and should) purchase HERE.

I spoke briefly with Barda about the mixtape and her passion for music.

JH: Hey Cecilia, thanks for putting together such a fantastic collection of music. As you already know I love your sound and it’s been a real pleasure listening to your new work over the last couple of months. We’re delighted to have you involved with this project.

One of the goals of Métron Musik is to bring music from all around the world to new audiences. Can you tell me a little bit about your relationship with Argentinian music and what role South American culture plays in your sound?

CG: My relationship with Argentinian music is growing continuously. I started playing the guitar and the drums in punk rock bands, then started to play more acoustic. At that time I was getting more interested in knowing how to play better Folklore, Andean and Cumbia music, and really loved that music. From there I ended up playing the guitar in a Cumbia rock band called La Lucio Alberto, whilst also developing the music of Barda, over the past few years.

But I remember clearly that cumbia has been significantly in my life throughout my teenage years up until now, since here in Argentina everybody dances Cumbia and all the DJs plays Cumbia at the parties.

JH: I’ve read that you have been inspired a lot by Chancha Via Circuito, I was wondering who are your other biggest influences artistically?

CG: Chancha via Circuito was really a big inspiration for me in putting together a lot of sounds and atmospheres, especially when making electronic music. I'd never heard that landscape before him, and listening to his music led me to other projects and producers that I now love, such as Lagartijeando, El Remolon, Tremor, Lulacruza and many others.

I also still love to listen to rock music, specially stoner rock. I love Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, and really like Argentinian stoner bands Hombre Humano and Los Natas.

When it comes to inspiration, I like to hear a lot projects like The Knife, Pink Floyd, Ultimate Spinach, and some classical or contemporary music.

JH: Can you explain a little bit about the thought process behind the mixtape?

CG: There where some tracks that I have been listening to a lot recently, and a lot of pretty music released recently by South American labels Frente Bolivarista, Tropical Twista, and compilations from Cassette Blog.

I also wanted to include music from some of the people I met this year during a trip to Brazil, as well as tracks from my many talented friends from Buenos Aires.

It’s a combination of some of my favourite tracks and some of my favourite friends and musicians.

JH: What’s next for Barda, you have a new full length on the way correct?

CG: I'm currently mixing and mastering 5 or 6 new tracks and some remixes. There’s a beautiful remix from SidiRum of one of the tracks as well. I’m not sure of the format for my next release but hopefully it will be more like a full length.

It's going to be released by Argentinian label Fertil Discos, and it's going to be presented at the "Fertilindo" party, October 3rd in Buenos Aires, at C.C. Matienzo among artists like El Remolon, Jin Yerei, SidiRum, San Ignacio, Villa Diamante and Lulacruza. It's going to be a really great night!

JH: Finally can you recommend a couple of records that we, and everybody else out there, should listen to?

CG: Maty Zundel's "Amazonico Gravitante”
- Rhythm and Roots VA "A Guide to the Birdsong of Southamerica”
- Puelche's “Lihue”
- "Amansara Remixed" album with remixes of Chancha Via Circuito's recent LP
- Le Ronca Records VA "Fritanga Vol. I”.

The original artwork below was created exclusively for the mixtape by Jack Hardwicke.

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.