[FILM] Shoplifters | Hirokazu Koreeda (2018)

A glorious and emotional film about a misfit family sharing humble dwellings on the outskirts of Tokyo and struggling to make ends meet. 

It’s a brilliantly nuanced analysis of what family means and how the role of choice intersects with our biological relatives. It’s simultaneously funny and heartbreaking, bleak and full of hope. Beautifully shot and with masterful performances from the whole cast.

As you’ll pick up from previous posts I’m always amazed and fascinated when children are able to deliver such spectacular performances with such emotional depth and subtlety. The two young children who sit at the centre of the story, played by Kairi Jō and Miyu Sasaki, are phenomenal. Go see it!

Music by: Horuomi Hosono
Excellent minimal score from the legendard Japanese composer.


Métron Records 2018. Berlin, DE.