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[FILM] Parasite | Boon Joo-ho (2019)

A truly unique work that is both a joyous romp and a cutting cultural statement. It’s a story of a family who see an opportunity to better their lives, by whatever means necessary.

All the performances are fantastic, the sets and locations beautifully full of life and with a plot packed full of surprises.

My only criticism of this fantastic film was that it could perhaps have been a little leaner in the middle section but everything else about this masterpiece makes up for it. A film I can’t wait to rewatch and would recommend to anybody.

Music by: Jung Jaeil

[FILM] Shoplifters | Hirokazu Koreeda (2018)

A glorious and emotional film about a misfit family sharing humble dwellings on the outskirts of Tokyo and struggling to make ends meet. 

It’s a brilliantly nuanced analysis of what family means and how the role of choice intersects with our biological relatives. It’s simultaneously funny and heartbreaking, bleak and full of hope. Beautifully shot and with masterful performances from the whole cast.

As you’ll pick up from previous posts I’m always amazed and fascinated when children are able to deliver such spectacular performances with such emotional depth and subtlety. The two young children who sit at the centre of the story, played by Kairi Jō and Miyu Sasaki, are phenomenal. Go see it!

Music by: Horuomi Hosono
Excellent minimal score from the legendard Japanese composer.


[FILM] The Florida Project | Sean Baker (2018)

One of my absolute favourites - I love every moment this glorious film. Director Sean Baker takes us into the tiny world of a small motel on the outskirts of Disneyland Florida and the long term occupants and staff who reside there. 

Centred around the trials and tribulations of young single mum, Halley, and her bundle of energy daughter, Moonee, as they attempt to make it through Moonee’s summer holidays on a shoestring budget. The mother-daughter combo deliver remarkable, effervescent performances throughout.

It’s a film is so bursting full of joyous moments and beautiful cinematography whilst never skirting the harsh realities faced by those who are suffering in financial & social poverty. 

Music by: Lorne Balfe


[TV] Better Things | Pamela Adlon (2016-Present)

Do not let the association with Louis C.K (who co-wrote much of the first two seasons and co-created the show) tarnish the incredible work of director, producer, writer and lead actress Pamela Aldon who delivers a truly astonishing performance at the centre of this hilarious, moving and, staggeringly-different-to-everything-else-on-TV, show. Adlon plays Sam, a working actress living in California but whose main gig is raising three daughters by herself. Sam is also looking after her aging and excentric mother who lives next door - and as such, having a hard time living her own life.

Three seasons in there are so many moments in this show that, in my opinion, deliver something that almost nothing else on television can get close to, a genuine bare bones look at the highs, lows and exhausting plateau’s of a life - through single parenthood, being a woman and raising young women. 

Music Supervisor: Nora Felder

Métron Records 2018. Hampshire, UK.