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[FILM] Leave No Trace | Debra Granik (2018)

A story focusing on a father and daughter living in isolation inside an Oregon national park. This is a truly wonderful film and my favourite of 2018. I was a huge fan of Granik’s last film, A Winters Bone, but Leave No Trace surpasses that. It is beautifully shot, the writing is moving and feels genuine throughout, whilst the two central performances from Ben Foster, and especially Thomasin McKenzie, are impeccable. McKenzie is almost impossibly brilliant throughout. I think about this film often and when I do I feel emotional. 

Music by: Dickon Hinchliffe
A wonderful original score from the British composer and Tindersticks band member.

[FILM] Burning | Chang Dong Lee (2018)

You’re never quite sure what you are watching with Korean director Chang Dong Lee’s latest film Burning, an interpretation of a short story by legendary Japanese author Haruki Murikami. Whilst the cinematography is continuously beautiful there is always a sense of unease and insecurity. The three main performances, including a notable turn from Steven Yeung, lure you in to this strangely surreal world. It’s a film that slowly washed over me and despite it’s gentle pacing was nothing but captivating throughout. Go see it.

Music by: Mowg
A really fantastic original score from the South Korean composer.

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