[TV] Better Things | Pamela Adlon (2016-Present)

Do not let the association with Louis C.K (who co-wrote much of the first two seasons and co-created the show) tarnish the incredible work of director, producer, writer and lead actress Pamela Aldon who delivers a truly astonishing performance at the centre of this hilarious, moving and, staggeringly-different-to-everything-else-on-TV, show. Adlon plays Sam, a working actress living in California but whose main gig is raising three daughters by herself. Sam is also looking after her aging and excentric mother who lives next door - and as such, having a hard time living her own life.

Three seasons in there are so many moments in this show that, in my opinion, deliver something that almost nothing else on television can get close to, a genuine bare bones look at the highs, lows and exhausting plateau’s of a life - through single parenthood, being a woman and raising young women. 

Music Supervisor: Nora Felder

Métron Records 2018. Berlin, DE.